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jack canfield the success principlesOne of my favorite authors is Jack Canfield.  He is inspiring and down to earth.  I came across an article today that reminds me of things that I have done in the past and have now forgotten about.  These daily practices that he talks about, help to find focus in life.  They also bring daily happiness.  The list of 10 daily disciplines include Morning Intention.  It’s great to start out the morning with purpose.  It’s so easy to let the day just take it’s own course.  He also talks about using external images to pursue goals.  I used to have a dream/vision board on my wall across from my desk.  I took it down to paint the walls and I never put it back.  I realize that I miss seeing the visual images of the many things I am working toward in my life.  I’m getting excited about making a new one as I write this!

In the article he invites the reader to “think a better thought”.  I used to practice this much more often.  Another good reminder.  When a negative thought enters my mind, I’m going to change it!

be thankfulHis section on Gratitude was a reminder that I truly treasure.  I love being thankful.  It’s such a great feeling.  Lately, I have forgotten all about it.  Completely.  I used to think of 10 things to be thankful for everyday, right before I go to sleep.  I’m definitely going to start that up again.  I have a friend that told me he likes to take a gratitude walk every day.  I would love to start that practice.

If you would like to read the entire article, here you go: https://jackcanfield.com/daily-disciplines-for-effortless-success/

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